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Richard Armitage Silent Auction! RASA for JustGiving 2013

A great event for a grReAt cause! Agzy has put a lot of work into a wonderful silent auction full of goodies. Lets make sure it pays off. Go bid on a lovely Hobbity necklace, made by yours truly, and lots of other goodies. 🙂

I Want to be a Pin Up

RA Silent auction tux pic

Welcome to the Richard Armitage Silent Auction.

You can read all about the rules of the auction here, so please do so before you bid.

All of the money raised will go to a Richard Armitage JustGiving charity, but which one will be determined based on the poll results, so please take a moment and vote.

To learn more about the charities, please click on the link above where (on the right hand side) you can read about the specific charities.

As way of thanking those who have contributed to the RA Silent Auction, either by donating and bidding, or commenting, reposting, retweeting, reblogging,  I have also prepared a giveaway where you can get your hands on this Thorin Bookmark.

RASA banner raffle prize

Please click on the following link to take part in the bookmark giveaway: a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Thorin bookmark 2 raffle

For those who will not be bidding on items but would like to contribute, please…

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Richard Armitage Silent Auction Coming Soon!

What a fantastic idea! 🙂

I Want to be a Pin Up

Richard Armitag Silent Auction big

Dear Friends,

There’s been something I’ve been mulling over, seeking advice about, and trying to figure out the logistics of in the past few weeks and today I can finally share the news with you.

I’ve decided to organise a Richard Armitage Silent Auction from the 29th of November till December 1st.

What’s this mysterious being, you may ask…

Well, the  auction will feature a number of goodies (many, but not all are RA related) that you can bid on via email (hence the silent part).

I will be posting the rules and guidelines shortly, but let me just outline the basic idea.

A bunch of items will appear in a post on the 29th of November.

if you wish to bid on a specific one, you are asked to send me an email with your bid, with the closing date being Sunday Dec. 1st.

The person who bids the highest wins.

Here’s the best part: ALL…

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Pinterest Photo Contest aka shameless self promotion…

Pinterest Photo Contest aka shameless self promotion...

If you’ve peeked at any of the posts this blog, you may have noticed that I enjoy taking photos. Well, I entered a little summer photo contest on Pinterest and, low and behold, I actually made it to the finals! I’m about 10 votes behind at the moment, and the contest is over at the end of the month. So, if you have a Pinterest account, and could spare a few seconds, would you click on the pic and “like” my photo? It would make my day. 🙂

Red Carpet Adventure……in Pictures

I’ve had some formatting issues with this post. It does not look the way I want it to but, for the sake of my sanity, I am publishing it the way it is. xx

Many of you have heard about, or possibly read about my little RA adventure in the Auckland airport.  Sadly, there are no pictures on my camera from that.  There are, however, several pictures from our lovely Red Carpet RA encounter in sunny Wellington.  I know first hand the excitement of seeing “new” pictures of Richard Armitage surface and I feel like I’ve kept these (mostly) to myself for long enough. So here’s my little FanstRA pressie for all of you lovelies.

These are just from my little point and shoot and not pro quality by any means.  Still, I hope you’ll enjoy them……

First glimpse

“There he is!!” First glimpse of the man himself!

RA interviewing 1_edited-1

Impatiently waiting as RA finishes his interviews.
You can almost hear the collective “squeeing.”

I love the chuckle on Mr Security Man's face as he spots the anxiously waiting Army.

This pic is not particularly significant other than I adore the chuckle on Mr. Security Man’s face as he spots our little group.

And finally he's on the way.

And finally he’s on the way…….

Signing and chatting

RA signing and chatting. It meant so much that he took time to chat with each of us as he signed our books and pictures.

He signed a couple of things and then decided he wanted a different pen. Ruth is looking in her purse for a Sharpie.

After signing a couple of things Richard decided he wanted a different pen. Ruth, his publicist, is looking in her purse for a Sharpie.

apparently, it's a really big purse...

and, apparently, it’s kind of a big purse…

aaaand, we have a pen...

aaaand, we have a pen…

Hello darling...

Hello darling…

I don't know what it is about this pic, but I just love it. All furrowed and adorable. I think he may have caught a glimpse of the t-shirts we all had on.

I don’t know what it is about this pic, but I just love it. All furrowed and adorable.
I think he may have just caught a glimpse of the t-shirts we all had on.

Reading the Team Thorin shirt.

Reading one of the Team Thorin t-shirts.

What a lovely smile.

I think he likes them….

I believe there was a bit of cheeky conversation going on in these next few pics, but that is not my story to tell.

Well just say he was definitely having a good time…..

I believe there was a bit of cheeky conversation going on, but that is not my story to tell. Well just say he was definitely having a good time. listeningkiller smilemore smilesmore sweet smilesigning

greeting friendsgreeting friends 2

After he finished chatting with our group, Richard stopped to greet a few friends. I have no clue who the woman is, but the man he’s shaking hands with is The Hobbit concept artist Alan Lee.

and he's gone

Richard stopped for a few more autographs before heading off, out of sight.

Going through these photos brings a flood of memories and emotions.  There is just so much to share about that day, and the whole amazing trip, but I can’t seem to find any more words right now.  It was by far, one of the craziest, and best experiences of my life so far and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

More for another day. xx